04 juillet 2019

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Madeleine Island , Dakar

When you find spare time during your vacation, conference or meeting visit the Archipelago of two Island the biggest names Sarpan and the smaller Lougne is located at 3km off Dakar west coast with 45hectare surface area is national park :geology, birding, trekking ,spirituality .

The striking landscape flora and fauna are attraction driving visitor all year round is waiting to be uncovered .The local guide will help you learn more about herbs and birds.

The Island vegetation is very riche more than 100species of tree like tamarind, baobab et cetera .Trees creep because of the strong wind you will see bonzaÏ baobab.

You will see birds like cormorants phaetons and at the sandy beach some tortoise lay eggs during the raining period .The island is wild there is no house it is a spiritual sanctuary for local community.

The view from the island of the Capital and the quietness let all your worries wash away. The money you spend is going towards nature protecting and culture preservation beyond simply sunning and swimming.

Take the opportunity.

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